Learmount is dead, long live Learmount.com

Followers of the Flightglobal blog “Learmount”  – which will soon slide gently into the great digital graveyard – welcome to my new site.

This one will offer much the same as my Flighglobal blog did. It’ll certainly serve the same audience – namely aviation’s front-liners – discussing news that affects their lives and profession.

Why the change?

I am maintaining my links with Flightglobal and Flight International as their Consulting Editor, but after many happy years there I’ve now got my P45 and my independence.

I hope you’ll find this space useful, and enjoy it as well.

Let’s aviate, navigate and communicate.


12 thoughts on “Learmount is dead, long live Learmount.com

  1. Best of luck, Lear… I have enjoyed your blogs for years. I expect things remain the same in the years to come.
    All the best, Mr Learmount!


  2. EBBR 051320Z 25023G34KT 9999 FEW016 SCT024 BKN038 15/09 Q1004 NOSIG …Keep the P45 down and blue side up.


  3. Hi David – having recently received several notices from IATA concerning cabin baggage sizes I replied as follows:

    ‘This initiative is likely to result in a higher weight being loaded into the overhead bins. Please note that, unlike seats and seat to floor attachments, overhead bins are not yet required to be tested dynamically. Thus the true loads and flexing of the fuselage structure associated with a heavy landing or survivable accident are not tested. Appropriate changes to testing must be brought in before even more weight is carried, as bins already open or collapse spilling their contents to injure passengers and obstruct escape routes. Realistic dynamic testing and the necessary strengthening of the bins and their attachments will ensure that much higher weights can be carried without additional risk to passengers.’

    You might care to comment on this subject if you haven’t already.

    All the best – Frank


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