The new Ryanair…is it real?

My last feature as a Flightglobal staffer, the product of three days at three different Ryanair bases.

Not a lot of people know this stuff. It shows a new face of one of the world’s most influential airlines,

It’s about why the new face has been adopted, and how it will be maintained.

And there’s lots more in my notebook from the three days I spent with the carrier.

Watch this space for more secrets…


One thought on “The new Ryanair…is it real?

  1. Great news, Captain David. Hopefully, as an independent, you’ll have more freedom (and column inches 😉 to share even more of your insight and wisdom. I’m a long time reader and a long time (but very low time) pilot and I love to hear the experiences and the lessons learned from my learned colleagues. (in other words I’m an armchair pilot) LoL. Fly on.

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