Surely Shoreham can rise again

Gloster Gladiator at Shoreham Air Show in 2014

This summer it will be five years since the tragedy of that Hawker Hunter crash at the Shoreham Air Show. I think it’s time to start thinking about resurrecting the show once more.

This blog has seen extensive debate about what happened and why.

In fact the Shoreham crash and its investigation has been the most-discussed aviation subject by far since I started in early 2015. You can scroll back and find it all, if you’d like to, so I won’t go over it again.

Over the last four and a half years, on these pages I have set out the details of the Air Accident Investigation Branch inquiry, which was very thorough, and was highly critical of air show management at Shoreham in particular, but also in the UK as a whole. Things have changed since then.

Things did need to change. Even those icons representing the pinnacle of British aviation excellence – the Red Arrows and the Farnborough Air Show – changed the way they do things following the Shoreham inquiry.

Shoreham’s aerodrome is historic, one of the oldest in Britain, and perhaps the most beautiful. The airfield, and its air show, are part of this nation’s heritage.

The people of Shoreham and the Council have seen to it that those who died in the 2015 tragedy have a fitting memorial near the airfield on the River Adur

It’s right, and safe, to have another go.

Mitchell WW2 bomber taxiing, Shoreham Air Show 2014

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